Introducing the MathFeed News App, by Francis Su.

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Keep abreast of stories about mathematics, math education, and related fields!  This app brings together articles from major news sources and influential mathematical blogs, trending stories on social media, and puzzle columns, book reviews, podcasts, and videos.

See how mathematical ideas and people are influencing the world we live in today.  Learn some new math too!

simulator-screen-shot-oct-8-2016-11-22-24-pmMy MathFeed app will be free, and available on iOS devices–iPad and iPhone. (An Android version may be forthcoming later.)  I built this work to support the work of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) during my time as MAA President.  So, naturally, you’ll see special tabs for MAA magazines (all publicly available), journals (MAA member access required), and MAA books. But I’ve also included news and blogs from other math societies too.

An early prototype of the iOS app was designed by Kharisma Calderon, Madeline Pignetti, Antonio Ramos, and Charles Watson in a Harvey Mudd College software development course.

The app is now live in the App Store.  You can also follow @MathFeed on Twitter, where stories will be tweeted out.

News and blog articles can be considered for inclusion in MathFeed— just tweet a link to @MathFeed with a clear description of why it’s math-related.  The kind of article best suited for MathFeed are well-written, thoughtful articles that showcase the beauty and power of math, as well as its human side.

I hope you enjoy it!