Race, Space, and the Conflict Inside Us

Author's note: this piece first appeared in the Oct/Nov 2016 issue of MAA FOCUS.  When I wrote it, I didn't know who would win the presidential election.  As the subject may be timely for many of us who teach, I'm making it available in a more shareable form here. Talking about race is hard. Our nation … Continue reading Race, Space, and the Conflict Inside Us

Freedom through Inquiry

I delivered this speech at the Inquiry-Based Learning Forum & 19th Annual Legacy of R.L. Moore Conference on August 4, 2016.  It is partly an homage to an influential teacher, partly an excuse to articulate what makes some styles of teaching so effective, and partly an excuse to talk about difficult issues facing our nation and … Continue reading Freedom through Inquiry

The Lesson of Grace in Teaching

Yes, I've started a new blog.  The platform here at WordPress seems to be nicer and more versatile.  I'll be blogging here from now on. However, my first blog post was at Blogger, because that platform was easy and I was a blogging novice. "The Lesson of Grace in Teaching" http://mathyawp.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-lesson-of-grace-in-teaching.html The piece went viral, … Continue reading The Lesson of Grace in Teaching